Volunteer Work

Why not Volunteer?

You wont leave empty handed!
You have the opportunity to gain experience and training in these areas:
* Retail Operations, * Customer service, * Cash Handling, * Administration and
* Information Technology—Hardware and Software .

We need your help……
95% of all people working for Lighthouse Stores and South West Community Services work on a volunteer basis. These volunteers come from all walks of life all over melbourne and the world. Some are long-term unemployed, some are new arrivals who want to gain some practical skills in a given area and some simply just want to gain extra skills.

You will receive more than training….
We have found our volunteers have enjoyed the experience. We have also found that volunteers have gained more than experience and training,; because they are in a supportive, friendly atmosphere, they feel more valued, build confidence in themselves and therefore gain employment quicker and achieve greater results faster.  We have had many proven cases where people have tried to find jobs for many months, even years but have been unsuccessful but from volunteering with us have gain skills but also the confidence to secure employment.  See our life stores maybe you could be next!

For more details see Brighter Future Program.