Visitors Info

Who we are?
Lighthouse stores are an initiative of South West Community Services which is the outreach charity for South West Christian Church.

What we do?
We operate lighthouse stores which exist to “make brighter futures around.”

Lighthouse Stores locations are:
Hoppers Crossing – 21/13b Elm Park Drive
Laverton – 58 Woods Street
Melton – 55 Bakery Square
West Footscray; 468 Geelong Road

What else do we do?

Supervise and provide work experience for job seekers, school students, mature aged and people with barrier to socialization to gain skills in a variety of areas, (See About Us for more info)

Supervise and provide student placements for international students to experience in a community organization. (See About Us for more info)

Can I get involved?

Yes. If you want to be a part of making brighter futures around the world.

CALL US NOW ON 8742 4071