Life Stories

Hundreds of people connect with South West Community Services and our Lighthouse Store’s which starts the journey to ‘make their future brighter.’

Whether you are a job seeker wanting to acquire practical, real life experience and training, a student looking at undertaking a valuable placement in Community Welfare or a simply a person seeking assistance to make a brighter future for yourself…..
We would love for you to connect with us….

Here are a few life stories and testimonials from partnering organizations of how South West Community Services and our Lighthouse Store’s are making brighter future’s.

Maybe you could be next……..

Job Seeker - Work Experience

I have really enjoyed being here….
When I first started at South West my attitude was very negative. I would watch the clock to see when I could go home. Now I am happy to stay as long as it takes to get the job done. I really had no interest in being here. I also had many personal problems that have since been fixed.. Having personal problems made it difficult to be able to think about anything else.
I think there should be more organizations like this, so that people can do the things they enjoy, and get a job out of the experience. This has taught me the responsibility that goes with working such as, getting up and being at work on time.
This has given me the courage to get up and go and enjoy what I am doing.

Job Seeker - Work Experience

I was trained in many areas which helped me find paid work.
Management have been supportive, caring with my personal problems.
They have always had my best interest at heart.

MEGT – Australian Apprenticeships Center

“We are pleased to assist the Lighthouse Stores with all the traineeship matters….”


Mission Australia – Job Services Australia – Community Work Coordinator

The Lighthouse Store is central to the success Mission Australia has achieved for the community because the work experience venues provide the critical real –world setting the enables our clients to learn new skills.

In my role I receive steady feedback from clients participating in work experience….that people feel supported through the process of acquiring new skills during the placement.

The positive feedback from client…..combined with my own eye-witness experience of visiting Lighthouse Stores has enable me to recommend anyone wanting to build a personal work-history in a customer service and/or clerical and administration sector,.
Lighthouse Stores also impacts people on a personal level……The personal development I have seen…has a direct bearing on their ability to seek out and secure paid employment.

JobCo, Work Pathways – Job Services Australia

The activities which it (South West Community Services) provides to job seeker enable them to gain realistic work experience within a professional retail environment. The Lighthouse staff provides training in a genuine workplace atmosphere. Participants are able to develop new skills, enhance existing skills and to share skills with others.
Job seekers acquired a range of work-relevant skills.
Lighthouse is a professional retail operation which provides valued services to the community through assisting local community by providing people in need with basic second-hand goods…


Volunteer at Lighthouse Stores

I have been volunteering at the Laverton Lighthouse for over nine months…. with my husband…As we are both retired, we felt that getting out f the house and doing something good for the benefit of others would be a fulfilling way to pass a couple of days each week. …When needed we are more than happy to devote more time to our volunteering……We look forward each week when our volunteer days come around… We applaud the South West Community Services for their efforts in making life a little bit better for the underprivileged….


Volunteer– University Student

The profession in which I wish to work needs me to be able to communicate well and have good social skills. I have found it to be an invaluable experience! I have learned so much. I enjoy it so much here and my confidence and self esteem has increased so much. I really love coming here.


Volunteer at Lighthouse Stores– International Student

I am international student and it is too hard find a job related with my studies as community welfare worker, so I decided to look as a volunteer.
I could say that this experience is preparing me for a future and it helping me to improve my skills to find a pay job. The areas that I am receiving training are:
* Customer liaison, *Customer service, *Retail Operations – merchandising and sorting stock, *Point of Sale software – MYOB sales, *Money handling
I am really enjoying this time here sharing my time with people who are teaching me more than a do a good job, but also with their life and experiences.
Thank you so much.


Volunteer at Lighthouse Stores – English As Second Language

I have been volunteering there for a number of reasons, mainly, as I am Asian, I am trying to improve my communication and language skills.
Thank you so much.

Volunteer at Lighthouse Stores

I came across this position on the internet while searching for volunteer work. I have been trained in numerous areas… On a personal level, I am really enjoying my volunteer work here; I’m learning to give and not expecting to receive anything back.  Compared to my hectic work and life style, I’m learning to be more patient with work and with life.
This place is teaching me skills and way of life that is not the norm in this modern day working environment.

Wise Employment – Job Services Australia

WISE Employment supports the endeavours of South West Community Services in providing employment pathways for jobseekers to gain skills, experience and exposure through their lighthouse stores.

Matchworks – Job Services Australia

We have the confidence to support South West Community Services as they develop their various solutions…..where they are able to be placed in sustainable, ongoing employment.

Job Prospects – Job Services Australia

Job Prospects supports the endeavours of South West Community Services….
With the increasing job seeker pool Job Prospects believes it will be necessary to develop strong working relationships with providers such as South West Community Services, particularly in the Melton region


Student – Cambridge International College

I'm so glad I got my placements in South West Community Services…. been my pleasure to gain practical knowledge on what we have learned in College…. appreciate your work with us and the assistance you have been to us… On behalf of my self I would like to thank you.


Student – Cambridge International College

It’s been great ….Here we are given an opportunity to learn, and implement what we have learnt in the class…. I am very happy with the placement…


Student – Cambridge International College

Drop you a quick note to let you know how informative and enjoyable I am finding the placement. It has been good to work with people in "real life" rather than all being classroom based….
In particular I have enjoyed the ability to do some project research & team management, as well as gathering information and forming professional networks with you and the Store Managers in your organization…..